Muon Department on call suggestions

Machine Coordinator -Jerry Annala

Any system requiring on call help refer to the specific system on call list

Muon Department consulting expertise:
general scheduling and planning - Machine coordinator
Beam line tuning - Jim Morgan
AP0 target station - Dean Still (after considering TSD call in list)
Controls - Brian Drendel(after considering Controls call in list)
Instrumentation - Brian Drendel(after considering Instrumentation call in list)
Vacuum and Mechanical - Dave Vander Meulen(after considering Mechanical Support call in list)

Muon Campus Plan

Week of January 22
Experiment will be open from Tuesday morning through at least the end of the day on Thursday

  • Monday - Run steady to g-2 at 8 pulses per cycle with up to 40 cycles per minute
  • Tuesday - Sasha Romanov to do M2/M3 optics measurements
  • Wednesday - Sasha Romanov to do M2/M3 optics measurements
  • Thursday - Ready for beam to experiments by evening
  • Friday - Make any corrections needed for a stable weekend of running to the experiment

    8 GeV priorities (No immediate plan to repeat these studies)

    1) Let BPM people verify BPMS with new transition boards
    2) Work on getting tune measurements from 21 MHz system (Mu2e study)
    3) Cross calibrate DCCT and Longitudinal Schottky to make sure they can both measure coasting beam intensity
    4) Optimize injection and extraction orbit bumps
    5) Document and tune up 8 GeV conditions. This requires all of the above to work

    Completed 8 GeV studies
    0) Establish circulating beam
    1) Let BPM people work on collecting reliable orbits
    2) Set up RF to capture beam and make bucket to bucket transfers